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AED and EFR Course

  • December 10, 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
  • The Clubhouse

If you are interested in signing up for this course, please contact Roserene Russell at the office.  You will need to pay her and get your course manual from the SCYC office.  

The cost will be as follows (we anticipate more than 7 folks signing up):

1-7       students per class   = $ 100 per participant

8 - 20   students per class   = $   75 per participant  

Depending on the number of participants, this class will last between 5-7 hours.

Course Description:

The Emergency First Response CPR & AED Course will teach the students how to assist a person experience a sudden cardiac arrest. This course makes learning easy by providing a non-stressful environment in which participants practice and apply emergency care skills. The course is designed to help participants remember appropriate emergency care procedures during a time of need. And encourage them to apply those procedures by assisting those requiring emergency care.

***Important Information***  This course will have an Independent Study component, where the participants will be required to read the Emergency First Response CPR & AED Participant Manual and answer the Knowledge Review Questions at the end of Section One, prior to attending the class.  This is the manual that you will need to get from the SCYC office when you pay for the course.

During Class, the participants will learn these valuable skills:

- Scene Assessment

- Primary Assessment

- Adult CPR - Chest Compressions

- Adult CPR - Chest Compressions Combined with Rescue Breaths

- Adult CPR and AED Use

- Child CPR and AED Use

- Infant CPR

- Adult and Child Choking

- Infant Choking

Lunch will be ordered in the morning on December 10th from the SCYC galley...Lunch is not included in the cost of the class.  Please bring a fluffy towel to kneel on.

If anyone has any specific questions about the course, you may contact the lead instructor, Mark Linse, directly at mark@sweetbottomdive.com.


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