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Commodores Trophy

Awarded to a Club member for outstanding contribution to the St Croix Yacht Club during the year. Designed and constructed by a former Club member and Tiffany silversmith.

2016  Billy Desmond
2015  Robert (Tully) Keith
2014  Bernadette Szajna & John Schuster
2013  Kim Sanford
2012  Emeline Sprankle
2011  Chris & Debbie Schreiber
2010  Robert Keith
2009  Vicki Bandola
2008  Ron & Sue DeCosmo
2007  Carlos Skov
2006  Bob & Nan McIntosh 
2005  Ivan Diaz
2004  Bob & Nan McIntosh
2003  William Chandler
2002  Leslie Cramer
2001  Millie Johnson
1998  Karen & Walter Stanton
1997  Anne Scigliano
1995  Jeanette Ellis
1994  Mary Tim Taylor
1993  Julie San Martin
1991  Jerry Bourne
1990  Nick Castruccio
1989  Roberta Bell Riggs
1988  Austin Fisher
1987  George Darooge
1985  Bob & Irene Sharpe
1984  Alison & Al Lotter
1983  Manuel & Ignacia Gutierrez

Sportsmanship Award

Awarded for spirit of good sportsmanship in whatever he or she gives to the St Croix Yacht Club

2016  Eion Jackson
2015  Eion Jackson
2014  Gene Capuano
2013  Jay Bryan
2012  John Rapine
2011  Jim Kloss
2010  Roger Bogert
2009  Lillian Mallory
2008  Alan Mallory
2007  Ron & Sue DeCosmo
2006  Sue Gibbons
2005  Jimmy Lehman
2004  Vicki Bandola
2003  Al Lang
2002  Ivan Diaz
2001  Karen McCoy
1998  Carole Doyle
1997  Marty Baker
1996  Carlos Skov
1995  George Silver
1994  Beecher Higby

Community Service Award

 Awarded for outstanding service to the community at large by a St Croix Yacht Club member

2016  Julie San Martin
2015  Al & Ann Lang
2014  Bill and Kathy LaGrange
2013  Gregory Moorman
2012  Nick Castruccio
2011  Megan Littlefield
2010  Julie San Martin
2009  Nick Castruccio
2008  Bill Dunne & Jayne Davis
2007  Sal Sanpere
2006  Stan Joines
2005  Felice Quigley
2004  Bill Dunne & Jayne Davis
2003  Chuck & Karen Ulrich
2001  Joe San Martin
2000  Christine Pauley
1998  Robin Freeman
1997  Martin Ludington
1996  Jenyne Nelson
1994  Bill & Frances Gunther
1993  Not awarded 
1988  Alan MacDonald
1987  Anne Fischer
1986  Susan Steif
1985  Dave & Joyce Skinner
1984  Ruth McHugh
1983  Nick Castruccio

Lawrence Carlson Memorial

Donated by the wife of dedicated yachtsman, Lawrence Carlson, this trophy is awarded for the best performance by a sailing vessel regardless of class

 2016   Stan Joines on Paladin
2014  Stan Joines on Paladin
2013  Taylor Babb on Barbaric Yawp
2012  Morgan Dale on Boogaloo
2011  Tony Sanpere on Cayennitta
2010  Jim Kloss on Ambivalence
2006  Llewellyn Westerman on Charis
2005  Tom Ainger on Caribbean Auto Mart
2004  Llewellyn Westerman on Charis
2002  Chris Stanton on Jersey Devil
2001  Chris Stanton on Jersey Devil
1998  Paul Lordi on Sorceress
1997  Paul Lordi on Sorceress
1996  Chris Stanton on Jersey Devil
1995  Chris Stanton on Jersey Devil
1994  Jean Pierre Skov on Clockwork


Junior Sailor of the Year

Presented to the Club by Jim Vauthrin, this trophy is awarded for the junior sailor (under 18) with the best sailing performance of the year.  The year on this award reflects the year that sailor excelled.

2016  Mathieu Dale
2015  David Kleeger
2014  Mack Bryan
2013  Thorn Nelthrop
2011  Sam Watterson
2010  Sam Watterson
2009  Billy Gibbons
2008  Rian Bareuther
2007  Sydney Jones
2006  Morgan Bryan
2005  Jae Tonachel
2004  Ben Victor          
2003  Ben Victor          
2002  Stephanie Malanga
2001  Joseph Noel        
2000  Courtlyn Cramer 
1999  Peter Stanton      
1998  Larry Malanga   
1997  Tim Pitts             
1996  Scott Stanton      
1995  Peter Stanton       
1994  Chris Stanton       
1993  Eric Cusin            
1992  Lenn DePalma      
1991  Alan Sun               
1990  Rebecca Sunderlin
1989  Daisy Mohr         
1988  Kiomie Johansen

Albatross Award

 Created and donated by Carter Barcus ; awarded for the most spectacular boating  goof of the year

2011  Alan Mallory
2010  Alan Mallory
2009  Ivan Diaz
2008  Morgan Dale
2007  Jack Capiello
2005  Frank Day
2004  Paul Lordi
2003  Paul Lordi
2002  Mike Melusky
2001  Rich & Catherine Rowe
1998  Joe San Martin
1997  Andrew Leider
1996  Frank Rhodes
1995  Frank Rhodes
1994  Doug Allen
1993  Martin Gant 
1992  Joe San Martin


Optimist Sailor of the Year

Donated by the Bourne family, in honor of  Gloria and Jerry Bourne and their lifetime support of Junior Sailing. This award is presented to an outstanding Optimist sailor, recognizing  effort, attitude, accomplishment and the love of sailing. The year on this award reflects the year that sailor excelled.

2016  Lake Sanford
2015  Rider Odum
2014  Lake Sanford
2012  Ryan Hunter
2011  Ryan Hunter
2010  Ryan Hunter
2009  David Kleeger
2008  Billy Gibbons
2007  Challis Diaz
2006  Billy Gibbons
2005  Morgan Bryan
2004  Billy Gibbons
2003  Billy Gibbons
2002 Jae Tonachel 
2001  Ben Victor
2000  Joseph Noel
1999  Scott Stanton
1998  Peter Stanton


Jerome A Urban

Rhodes 19 Memorial Trophy

In memory of Jerry Urban, a distinguished cancer surgeon and dedicated Rhodes 19 sailor. The lead crystal sculpture, designed by Peter Wayne Yenowine and donated by Jerry’s widow Xenia, shows a Rhodes 19 coming up to a racing mark

2015 Chris & Debbie Schreiber
2014 Beecher Higby
2013 Peter Stanton
2012 Chris Schreiber
2011 Chris Schreiber
2010 Chris Schreiber
1998 Beecher Higby
1996 Karen McCoy
1995 Jerry Litner
1994 Jens Hookanson
1993Jerry Litner
1992Robert Riggs



St Croix Marine Trophy

2012 Not awarded 
2011 Not awarded 
2010 Not awarded
2009 Peter Stanton
2008 Sydney Jones 
2007 Peter Stanton
2005 Tim Pitts 
1998 Scott Stanton 
1997 Chris Stanton 

International Clock Trophy 

Best Performance by a Cruising Yacht
This perpetual award goes to the sailor of the cruising yacht who has had the best performance for the year either racing or cruising.

2014 Vincenzo Ambrosi on Delphine
2013  Not awarded
2012Not awarded
2011Not awarded
2010Not awarded
2009Not awarded
2008Not awarded
2007Not awarded
2006“Cruzan Time” – Carl Beckstedt
2005Terry Hogan and Allan Mallory
1998“Harmony” – Andrew Leider  
1995“Conquistador” – Karen and Walt Stanton
1994“Juliet” – Bruce Milliken
1990“Nordica” – Duncan McGregor

Dick Newick Trophy

Best performance by a Multihull in the International Regatta

2013    Piglet  Joe San Martin

The Club is formed for the express purpose of promoting interest and activity in the ownership, racing and cruising of yachts and small boats; of providing a meeting place for members whose common interest lies in ships and the sea; of augmenting the recreational facilities and visitor attractions of the island; of exchange and courtesies with other yacht clubs of the United States and Caribbean islands, and of extending to visiting yachtsmen the hospitality of St. Croix.

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