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SCYC Junior Sailing

Our Junior programs range from introductory with a focus on developing a love for the lifelong sport of sailing, to competitive racing locally, regionally and international world class events.

SCYC offers a variety of sailing program options and classes, including:

  • Sea Squirts program introduces young sailors age 5 -7 to fun and safety in, around and on the water.
  • Beginner Optimist develops skills and confidence for 7 and older.
  • Adventure Fun sailing classes explore local waters in a variety of boat classes.
  • We offer exciting Summer Sailing Program for kids looking to develop skills during summer vacation.
Please check out our events calendar for specifics about available programs.


The South Atlantic Interscholastic Sailing Association’s High School Sailing Program allows public and private schools to create sailing teams under the auspices of  the schools and parents. The St Croix Yacht Club is committed to working with interested schools to provide training, conforming to the  policies of the St. Croix Yacht Club.

Virtues of Excellence

Producing future leaders through sailing
Enlightened words from Sailing Hall of Famer Mailin Burnham

Plan Ahead: Set personal goals. Adjust them with time and circumstance.

Commitment: Take responsibility for your words and deeds. Fulfill your promises.

Hard Work: Put in the time and energy to fulfill your commitments. Be prepared – not only schedule the necessary time, but be prepared and work smart to use that time efficiently.

Dedication: Never give up. Success often comes when you think it is no longer possible.

Teamwork: Everyone has something to contribute, so treat everyone fairly, and share credit for every success.

Play by the Rules: Be honest, ethical, and fair. If your project is worthy of success, it is also worthy of being done right. Cutting corners will always come back to punish you.

Follow-through: Never trust luck to achieve your goals. Take positive action towards success – and be unrelenting until that success is achieved. Never coast to the finish line – you may never get there.

The Club is formed for the express purpose of promoting interest and activity in the ownership, racing and cruising of yachts and small boats; of providing a meeting place for members whose common interest lies in ships and the sea; of augmenting the recreational facilities and visitor attractions of the island; of exchange and courtesies with other yacht clubs of the United States and Caribbean islands, and of extending to visiting yachtsmen the hospitality of St. Croix.

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